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Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Little Hiking, A Little Biking & Some Big Fish

Frisco, Colorado
Prospector National Forest

A bright, sunny day made for some great hiking.  We started out in a Nature Area along a small stream.  The flowers were out along with the sun.  Problem was, so were the mosquitos!  They were so bad they were covering Hurley.  We only got about 1 mile and decided to try a different trail.


Hurley leads the way and as soon as he hears water, he's in it!

Some hungry bug has enjoyed this flower.


Dillon Reservoir has a few campgrounds around it.  We chose Prospector this time.  Our loop was the furthest from the water, but nearer the bluffs for hiking.  We barley fit in the spot, but it would have to do.  It was a strange angle and it took several tries to get in the narrow spot.

Off Hurley and I went to hike the bluffs behind the campground.

Hurley at the top of the bluffs.  I called Steve and told him to come out of the trailer and look up at the top of the bluffs and wave to us.
Here's the view of the campground viewed from above.
That's our rig in the center.
We drove into the town of  Breckenridge and did a short hike called "The Steps".  Straight up and very steep.  Interesting little hike with a view of Breck, as the locals call it, below.
View of Breck below.
Afterwards we went back down into town and checked out the specials at the Breckenridge Distillery.
These kids were having fun with the giant Jenga blocks.
Their little food trailer was making some delicious snacks.
Avocado, shrimp, spicy aioli and cilantro on grilled bread to go with my Bloody Mary.  YUMM!

Later in the week we went back to Breck to ride their great bike trail which runs along the Blue River.  It goes from one end of town to the other connecting to many other trails.

The trail runs through the heart of the town where you can go to all the stores and eateries.  They really put a lot in this small town.  The community center has a nice skateboarding park with soccer/ball fields next to it.  Flowers and sculptures of every type along the way.

At the other end of town where things are quieter there is a community garden for everyone to enjoy.

There are bridges and the river runs through several parts of town with shops and businesses built around it.  There is a section you and Rover are allowed to sit in the river among the boulders to cool off.  A little amphitheater has many performers and street musicians to listen to while you have an ice cream or coffee. 

We were just saying how we were thirsty and wanted to take a little break at the end of the day.  That's when we spotted Cecilias.  2 for 1 martinis.  Sure. Sounds good!

That's Cecilia in the picture.

We had so much fun we thought it would be great to spend a few days in Breckenridge rather than going straight over to Nathrop.  We heard the fishing was finally picking up.  There was only one large RV park, which we don't care for so we weren't sure where we'd stay.  There was no camping in the steep national forest that we could get our large RV in.  Steve then spotted what looked like a couple of RVs in a huge dirt lot next to the river.  We checked it out on our bikes and it looks like what will eventually be more winter ski parking.  There are signs that state you can park overnight and leave trailers and RVs, BUT, you could not sleep in them or "camp".  Well, we figured as out of the way and quiet as this area was, we'd take our chances.  If they asked us to leave, we'd head out.  There were only a few cars and RVs parked around the huge lot.  We asked a guy picking up his trailer about the lot.  He said no one seems to care if you sleep in your rig if you're quiet and don't stay too long.  Our days were so busy, by time we got back to the trailer from hiking or riding, we ate something and then just went to bed.  Total Stealth mode!  We didn't put the slides out or use the lights once it got dark.  We disconnected the truck and parked near a couple of other RVs to blend in.  We did notice others doing the exact same thing so we figured we'd be good for the weekend. 

Since it was Friday, Steve was working.  Hmmm, what do I want to do?
F I S H  of course!!
I couldn't wait to get over to the river.  First cast with my gold spinner and....

Oh Ya!  I sent this picture in a text to Steve and my brother!
Gorgeous stretches with deep pools and little falls.  Easy to walk and fish.

SECOND CAST!  I'm on a roll!

I lost count of the fish I caught.  Most 2 - 4 lbs.  The rules are lures and catch and release only.

I was feeling just a tad guilty so I went back to the trailer to see if Steve was done for the day.  I knew he was dying to get out there too.

Steve had a death grip on this guy as he was flopping all around and refused to hold still for a picture.  The fishing for the next few days was great!  Best and biggest we've caught so far.  We didn't want to push our luck and overstay so we decided it was best to move on and get over to Nathrop.

Thanks Frisco and Breckenridge!!  What blast we had!!


  1. Looks like the perfect location! Hiking and biking trails:) Thanks for the tour! We are heading that way next summer. The flowers are so pretty:)

    1. Thanks Pam. Breckenridge is close enough to Frisco that you can camp on the lake and drive or bike over to it. That private park in Breck is very expensive or you might be able to find some NF land if you have a smaller rig.

  2. Wow, you are doing better with the fishing than I am. Very nice fish. I do know of some boondockong sites over above Como, but I know you are further south now.

    1. Fishing Heaven! We had a change of plans due to some brake problem so we're in Buena Vista for a few days then continuing south.

  3. Hey!!! Great job at the stream. It looks like we will be crossing paths, We will be leaving Buena Vista in a couple days and headed to Breckenridge.

    Dave & Diane

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  4. Beautiful park and loved the little town. Pretty fish to bad you couldn't eat em :)

    1. Even though it's catch and release I had one swallow the hook and wasn't going to make it so he's in the freezer. Hate to waste a perfectly yummy trout!

  5. Yay! the blog is now coming up in current time on my roll!! This looks like a perfect place with water, trees, flowers, art, and all the rest - love it! Wonderful pic of the little bridge, love the colors. I'm not even going to say anything about all the fish.......

    1. It's a must do town. It has a little of everything! Ah, we need to go fishing together! Did you show Bill?

  6. When we left our trailer in that parking lot, there were a few people staying there. Good Idea, right across from the path and river. I didn't know about the step path and will have to check it out. The mosquitos were bad when we were there too. I wore long sleeves and pants more than usual. Must be all the rain they have gotten this year.

    1. When were you there? The parking lot looked pretty new. The mosquitos were only bad in the wilderness area by the creek, not in Breck. Thankfully.

    2. We left two weeks ago. They were working on the parking lot while we were there.

  7. Great pics as always! Gotta love food trucks - we've had some of the best food from them!


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