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Friday, June 10, 2016

Frisco, Colorado not California

Frisco, Colorado
Peak One NF Campground

The artsy town of Frisco is located on Dillon Reservoir.  It's a popular place for outdoor activities including: boating, fishing, kayaking, biking, rafting, skiing and hiking.  There are miles of bike paths around town.  Unfortunately we did not get a chance to ride our bikes outside of the campground as we had a busy week planned that included a few days with fellow RVers, Gene and Eileen of Draggin' Our Bed Around.
Our beautiful front yard view of the lake.
The campground itself is very nice.  No hookups or dump station but only $20.  There is a nearby water sanitation station where you can dump and fill with water for $5.
Surrounded by gorgeous mountains with wildflowers starting to bloom.
While we were waiting for our friends to arrive in a couple of days, we grew fond of an older gal we met when we first arrived.  Her name was Laura and she was down on her luck and living in her car/tent at the moment.  We had her over for happy hour the first night and really got to know her well.  She's in her late 60s and living alone with her 2 dogs.  She had some really interesting stories about her life and we enjoyed her company.  The next night we had her over for dinner.  She had not had a hot meal in some time and really enjoyed it.  I packed up the leftovers for her to take back with her.  She had not had electricity for some time so we played the stereo and we all sang to some old songs and just had a really great time.  It felt good to give her a little company and change of pace.  Really, many are right on the edge these days and everyone can use a little extra kindness.  I hope things turn around for her soon.
The morning after Gene and Eileen arrived we decided to get the boats out. The lake can get windy in the late afternoons so we took advantage of the nice weather early in the morning and headed out for some kayaking.

Gene and Eileen have a nice inflatable kayak.  They are part of our group of what we like to call ourselves, The Class of 2014.  We all headed out fulltime the same year.  We first met up in Florida and kayaked together there as well.  It's been a while since we've been camping with friends this year since Arizona so it was nice that we could meet up here for a few days.

Hurley playing fetch. 

Max kickin' back.

Steve caught an Arctic Char.  There are only two places these fish exist in the US.  Here and in a particular lake in Maine.  They love deep, cold lakes.

There were quite a few sailboats on the lake today.

Hurley had his eye on Max and wanted to play.

We did some geocaching on the lake as there were some hidden on the islands.  Eileen and I found this one with a little help from Hurley.  It was hidden in an old tree trunk.  Problem is there was a huge red ant colony fond of the tree trunk too.  We had to get it out and put it back very quickly and carefully.  Nice spot to hide it though.

All that paddling made us very hungry.  We headed into town for some dinner at the Backcountry Brewery.  Steve had his usual sampler and the rest of us had some island type drink. It was so good we had a second!

Steve, me, Gene & Eileen

Since we were in the Rockies, we had to get an order of Rocky Mountain Oysters.  I'm sure most of you know what they are.  Hint- they are NOT oysters.  They are deep fried, breaded bull testicles. As they say, "When in Rome!"  None of us really cared for them though.  We even got the young waitress who never heard of them to try one.  She didn't like them either.  Dinner was much better.

The brewery downstairs.
After enjoying a nice sunset we headed off to bed as we were going to do some hiking the next day.
We started out with a nice short hike around a peninsula with beautiful views of the lake.  As it turned out, there was a small, intimate wedding going on at the lookout.  This was the fourth wedding we've been "part of" since we've been on the road.  It was a beautiful wedding.  We very quietly hiked around it and watched from a distance.

That's the bride, groom and all of the wedding guests.
The bagpiper played as the bride and groom walked down the trail/isle.

Views from further up the trail.

Someone put a lot of effort into making this teepee.  There was a geocache hidden nearby.

Hurley and Max were having fun.

Then we took a longer trail up along the ridgeline where the aspen, pines and wildflowers are.

Views of the snow covered mountain peaks above.

And the marina below.

So pretty!


A short drive to Breckenridge and a visit to the Broken Compass Brewery.

This town, as well as most in southwest Colorado, are very dog friendly.  Doggies are welcome inside and there are water bowls and treats available for them.

We found an olive oil and balsamic vinegar store in nearby Silverthorne much like the one my sister and I used to own.  I was able to stock up on my lemon olive oil, garlic olive oil and some great balsamic vinegars too.  Happy, happy!

Gene and Eileen are headed back up to Denver to spend more time with their kids and we are headed west towards Grand Junction where we will be attending a 4 day country concert.  After the concert we'll be meeting up with more friends!  Once again, we'll be with Curt and Glenda of  Illinois Campers.  We've been lucky to meet up with them 3 times a year or so.  We spent some time with them in Apache Junction in March.
A nice way to finish up our time in Frisco, Colorado.  By the way, never refer to San Francisco, California as "Frisco".  They hate that!


  1. Wow...what a gorgeous looking area!
    Safe travels.

    1. Great area! Nice lake, town, good trails and lots of good fishing in the rivers too!

  2. Awesome area! We have yet to meet the Newhall's but I am sure we will cross paths one of these days. Love the picture of the mountain and the old fencing.

    1. Love the area and the fishing was outstanding! (later post) Gene & Eileen are lots of fun!

  3. What a gorgeous and fun area!! Next time we're in Colorado we have to follow your route - I'll just have to get used to the elevations so we can enjoy all these amazing places. The dog-friendly pic is hysterical!!

    1. The dog friendly places are everywhere! So amazing to me!

  4. We are at Heaton Bay now and it is raining and beautiful. This is one of our favorite places in the world. Have fun listening to the music.

    1. It was a great concert, but very hot and very dusty! Have a great time. The weather is so nice there! I'd definitely go back to Frisco!

  5. What a wonderful place and so glad you got to hang out with Gene and Eileen. Hike a little, drink a little...I'll bet they fell right into that routine :) I loved, loved that you ran across a wedding. We have been lucky enough to have this happen a few times on our journey and it is always a very special thing. Miss you guys!!

    1. I agree. Very cool to see those weddings. All outdoor in very unique environments. We had fun with Gene & Eileen and so did the pooches! Can't wait to see you guys back in Arizona!


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