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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Apache Trail Drive & Winslow, AZ

Winslow, AZ
McHood County Park

We had to do a day drive on the Apache Trail before leaving Arizona.  We had a nice sunny day so off we went.

Plan on a long day drive.  Bring snacks and water and a lunch.  Dress for some hiking too if you're going up to see the cliff dwellings.

Copper Mine Pit.

Hiking up to the dwellings.  We just did the lower.  It's a couple miles further to the upper dwelling and you have to take a guide.  It was another hot day and not enough time to do both.

Once you drive around the cute towns, the dwellings and Roosevelt Lake, you then drive for several miles on a dirt road that climbs very high before returning to Apache Junction.  This was a great part of the trail.

The river was gorgeous and I saw lots of places I'd like to kayak.  We could see SO many huge fish from above.  I'd sure love to fish here too!

If you look closely, those dark spots are fish!

Such beautiful, rugged scenery.

I love to photograph the Prickly Pear Cactus.

A shot of the church I forgot to add before in front of the Superstitions.  Which do you like better?  Black and White or the color?

Our very last hike was First Water that Shelly told us about.


There are a lot of nice hikes on this side of the mountains left to do!

I'm glad they give such clear directions so you don't get lost!

As we head for the northern part of Arizona, we leave behind the cactus and hot temperatures and get back into the beautiful mountains (yes, Arizona has beautiful mountains!) and PINE TREES!  Oh, how I've missed the pine trees!  It was getting late in the afternoon and the elk were everywhere!

 Cracked us up that this elk ran alongside the truck for a bit.  Glad it went right instead of left!
We've been to Winslow before, but since the recent passing of Glen Frey we decided to stop by again.  Besides, our campspot for a few nights was close by. 

Our favorite in this area is the no-frills, but free, campground of McHood.


I didn't get any pictures, but we shared our campfire with a couple of older, single gentlemen that were staying for a few days.  Very nice guys with interesting stories.  It always works out this way.  Just love like-minded camping/adventure folk!  One in a motorhome, now fulltime, the other in a camper that travels to/from his multiple properties hunting with his 2 dogs.
Another reason to stop in Winslow is to eat at the wonderful Turquoise Room.  The best food of the area, really!  We stayed here before and I couldn't wait to order that wonderful breakfast I had last time.  Here's the link to the last time we were here with more details of the history of the area, restaurant, lodge and Harvey Girls.  BLOGPOST
On the left is my Green Chili Eggs, on the right Steve's Machaca.

Bye Arizona!


  1. We have always wanted to get to those dwellings.....maybe next winter. What kind of fish were those? I think I like the color picture better, it almost looks like a painting. Great photography!

    1. I'd like to think trout, but my luck climbing all the way down there they'd be carp!

    2. Maybe we could give you a push down ;)....
      Nice RV, any pics of the inside?

  2. On the photo comparison, I'm going to go with color on that one, Debbie.

  3. Have to check out the dwellings next time we winter down there. Turquoise Room will be a place we check out next time we're in the area. The B&W photo is my favorite.

    1. The Turquoise Room is in the LaPosada Hotel. Very beautiful place. Lot's of history on Rt 66 and the railroad. The food has a unique twist to it. Delicious! The polenta and green chili sauce on the one I order is to die for! Great coffee too!

  4. Definitely have to do that drive when we're back next winter - looks like a great time!! We really enjoyed the area around Winslow, except for the awful winds we had in Holbrook. Great pic of you and Steve looking so healthy and happy :-)))) I think you picked the right part of Colorado to be in this week!!

    1. It's a great drive. I didn't get the best pictures of the high, narrow drive but it's got a crazy view, although a bit scary in a dually. Happy to have these cooler temperatures in Colorado.

  5. Great info and pictures! My wife and I are flying from BC to Phoenix late April 2017, we'll be driving the Apache Trail then down to Tombstone and Bisbee.

    1. I'm sure you'll have a great time. Keep in mind it can get pretty warm in April. So much to see in those areas.


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