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Friday, January 15, 2016

Crazy Quartzite Part 2

Quartzite, AZ
La Posa LTV Area

During our weeks in Quartzite there was plenty of social time.  So many friends we enjoyed crossing paths with again.  We did some geocaching.  This time it was with Trace and Ellen.  We took a nice bike ride and Trace and Ellen found their first geocache. 
Moi, Trace & Ellen.

In the middle of the cactus was the geocache in a film container.

We were very excited to see Curt and Glenda of Camp Lowry.  Especially since they drove over 2 hours each way to come visit us and get a preview of what Quartzite was all about.  We hadn't seen them for several months.  We walked around the show tents and then had dinner.  Glenda brought these delicious Key Lime Cupcakes!  We are looking forward to spending the month of March with them near Apache Junction.  We have a lot of hiking to catch up on.

 Another unusual thing around here (and there are MANY) are the Intaglios.  They are sort of like giant crop circles, but done in the desert with rock.  Just travel up Hwy 95N off of 10 at Blythe and drive about 15 miles.  You'll see signs.

Well we drove past the sign and as we were turning around this strangely decorated tree was on the side of the road out in the remote desert.  Interesting.  This one was decorated in bras and panties.  No sign or information about it.  Wonder what this was all about?  We planned on hiding a geocache here and calling it "Tit for Tat", but we ran out of time!

Here is another sign for them. 

There are 3 fenced in areas protecting the Intaglios.

Above is a picture from above of what it looks like.  Below is my picture.  They are huge!

And another above/below shot.

Below is the last one.  Really hard to appreciate in photos.

Hurley having fun too!
We 4 wheeled it a bit and came across some another decorated tree out in a wash.
We were also very excited to finally meet Bill and Jodee of On the Road Abode and their adorable Tessa.  Jodee started up the Class of 2015 and are now fulltimers as well.  I've followed her blog before they set out.  She is a great writer, check out their site.
After a mix up on exactly where in the vastness of Quartzite we were, they found us and we had a great visit.  They brought some yummy donuts too!
Since Steve was busy working, I took a nice ride with Pam and her doggie on their quad.  We tried to find more geocaches, but failed.  Oh well, it was a great time riding around.  I was really impressed how smooth their quad drives.

Most of the time his head was on my shoulder.  I don't think he liked having to ride in the back!
I also spent a lot of time hiking around on my own with Hurley.  Again, out of nowhere you come across some strange things.

Like these rock paths that go on for long distances and lead to nowhere special.  Some people have lots of time on their hands.

Again with the tree decorating?

This one had very nice brass incense type things hanging from its branches.
Of course, there was never a shortage of food, fun and friends!  Tonight's dinner was supplied by Red and Pam with fish caught by Red and a few by Greg.  So a giant fish fry it was.  And everybody else brought a side dish.  What a great meal!  Enough leftover to make fish tacos for the next nights meal.

Red frying the Crappie.
Trace and Steve frying the onion rings and fritters.

 "The Circle"
Cori, Greg and Hobie.

Whew, time to call it a night.  Even Hobie is tired!

Time is winding down.  There is a giant Q on top of one of the nearby hills.  Trace, Pam and I decided to hike it and maybe search for a few caches along the way. I didn't get a good pic from the bottom before we headed up.  A nice, short, steep hike.

From near the top looking back over the LaPosa area where many RVers are camped all willy nilly in the desert.

When we got to the top there were great views all around as well as an American flag and a nice young man named Tom who was playing the guitar.  He was just traveling around the country.  I asked if he knew any Tom Petty and he played American Girl for me.  My favorite! 

This is the painted Q on the side of the hill looking down over the top.

We made it to the top!  Me, Trace and Pam.

Another day there was a Blogger Fest being held in another area.  Many of us write blogs about our travels and this was an impromptu get together of some of us.  A few I was looking forward to finally meeting after reading their blogs for years.  Others I did not know.
I have met Jim & Sandie of Where are the Dixons Today? before but did not get to meet their doggies, Skittlez an Scooter.  Before we headed out fulltime theirs was one of the blogs I read and the front page of their blog has a picture on it that always made me smile of the dogs.  You'll have to go to it to see it yourself.  ADORABLE!
More bloggers saying hi and sharing a potluck.
There is so much to do in the Quartzite area.  We drove out to see the wildlife sanctuary but did not manage to see much wildlife other than lots of ducks and birds.

I couldn't even get a good picture of them either!  Sorry.
But on the way we did see yet another interesting "rig".

Many fun times having dinner in town including karaoke and dancing!

Pam, Ellen, Mario, Me, Steve, Red, Greg and Cori.
One last sunset and we leave Quartzite behind and all of our wonderful friends.
Until next year!


  1. Q is definitely a unique experience. It was good to see you for a couple of minutes. I think this lifestyle is doing alright for you guys.

    1. It was great to see the pups! Next time we'll visit longer!

  2. What a full experience you had at Q! Many think it's just a big garage sale and you really show that it's so much more :-) Was great to finally meet you and Steve, thanks for the nice words about the blog. Still bummed I missed the Blogfest again! Love all the "decorated" trees you found - that desert is a quirky place :-))))

    1. Yes, there really is a lot to do in the outer areas. I'm glad we were able to meet up too! You really didn't miss much at the blogfest.


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