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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Catfish & Zombie Clowns (and a little bad news)

Rock Hill, SC
Ebenezer State Park


We arrived in South Carolina to cool temps, nice sunshine AND our RV friends, Lee & Trace!  What more could you want?  Since we were headed down to Charleston, we decided to spend a few days here so we could meet up again with Lee & Trace.  They are finally out of the cold NE and on their way to Florida too.  It was short, but what fun we had!
The trailer is Lee & Trace's.  Ours is in the background to the right.  It was nice to be in
the sunshine after being in the thick trees previously.
The campground is small and quite nice.  It is on Lake Wylie.  There are shady sites and open sites.  Nice shelters, a boat ramp/dock and small beach.  If you like to fish or kayak, this would be a wonderful place.  It is just outside of the town of Rock Hill which is a very nice place.  No nearby hiking that I could see, but lots of water possibilities.
 Nice lake with lots of fishing and kayaking potential.  Beautiful custom homes all around the shoreline.
The above picture is what I decided to order for breakfast.  I love to try unique, local food items.  So when I saw Catfish and Eggs, I knew what I was having!  It was delicious too! Large and perfectly cooked.
Here at Anna Js, according to Trace's sister, they have the best pancakes.  So that's what Trace and Lee had (along with some sausage that Lee wasn't sharing!)  Steve had Fried Bologna and Grits.  Everything was great.  Even the coffee was excellent!
Afterwards, we decided to do a little range shooting.  My family were hunters, so I was brought up around guns and shooting at a very young age.  Just target shooting for me though and this was the first time I had shot in a range rather than out on our property.  It was different, but we all had fun.  We chose the Zombie Clown target and the Bad Guy. 

Watch out for Trace!  Take a look where her damage was!
I'd make sure you knock before you go into their rig!
My turn next.  Not too shabby, eh?
Steve's turn.  Nice, tight pattern!

We had a lot of fun taking turns cooking dinner.  How fun is that?  Getting different meals, especially nice when they were cooked for you and brought to your trailer, ready to eat with all the fixings!  Here is just one of the yummy meals Trace cooked.  It was her aunts meatloaf.  Yummy!  And she cooked a special pea recipe just for Steve!

After dinner they brought over a card game that they had told us about while we were all in New Hampshire.  It is a bit naughty and sort of raunchy (if you choose to play it that way).  It's all just fun.  It's sort of like Apples to Apples, but a grown up version called Cards Against Humanity.  We laughed and laughed.  It was our first time playing, but Steve cleaned up!  Trace was close behind.

These two, aren't they the cutest?!

Well, we all had a great time sharing tips and experiences of our adventures fulltiming so far.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to see them down in Florida.  Many of us will be there for December.  Some are already there and some will be there for a couple more months.  I'm sure there will be many meet-ups while were there.

And some bad news.....
I forgot to show pictures of the campsite we were at in North Carolina.  It was a county park on Falls Lake.  A great place with many campsites on very private settings.  Most in the woods, but some open too.  Great for kayaking and fishing.  I had just posted my last blog .  Right before I had my first bad experience fulltiming.  It could happen anywhere, sticks and bricks, or out on a beautiful lake with lots of rangers on patrol.  My beloved kayak had been stolen!  This was a great tandem kayak that Steve and I had for a few years and just LOVED!  We went all over in it and our dog, Hurley, loved to go too.  The staff, rangers, local sheriffs, were all great.  They all responded immediately and checked out the campground.  There was only a handful of us there this time of year.  Only one way in and out.  They checked their cameras, nothing.  Looks like it was towed away by someone in a boat.  I can't tell you how crushed I am.  I've been searching all over for something similar.  No luck yet.  Here is the last picture I took of the kayak.  About 4 hours before it was stolen in the middle of the day!


                       Trail down to the lake and pier.


On to more happy adventures.


  1. After years of target shooting in the desert I've thought I might enjoy a range - especially if one can take out a zombie clown or two!! Looks like the four of you had a great time, and a few great local and home-cooked meals :-)
    Major bummer about the kayak! I've had a few things lifted in my life and it is always such a violation, not to mention sad to lose something precious. Best to shake it off, but I know that's easier said than done :-(

    1. We did have fun with Lee & Trace! RV friends are a blast! It was great food all around. And I still get mad and sad when I look at the truck and don't see our kayak there. Looks naked. Having a hard time finding a similar replacement. They aren't cheap and we have some cool places coming up in Florida that we are dying to kayak in.

  2. Sorry to hear about your kayak! I just can't understand how people can do that. Don't they have a conscience? Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Steve & Joan. I sure hate thieves. We had a nice Thanksgiving even though were 3000 miles from family. Hope yours was nice too.

  3. Had such a great time hanging out with you and Steve. Can't wait to see you again down the road !!!

  4. So sorry to hear about your kayak! Debbie and Steve Having two of them ourselves, we know that they are not just a piece of plastic. They have stories and memories and are a treasured friend. I hope you are able to replace it with something similar. Our best wishes to you.

    Diana and Jim

  5. You nailed it. They really do hold special times. We're so attached to the exact model and they don't make it anymore. Almost impossible to find a used one like it. Looks like we'll end up buying another new one which is almost exactly like it. Probably have to order one to get a blue one. So much paddling to do in FL, we need to get one now. Thanks for the kind words. What gall to steal it.


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