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Friday, April 4, 2014

Home Sweet Home, We bought our trailer!

We are so excited!  We found our home.  It's a 2013 Montana 3582 5th Wheel.  Only it's in Michigan, and we're still in CA. 

It works out pretty well though.  We'll be in TN for the RV-Dreams Rally in 3 weeks, so we'll pick it up then.  While we'd rather have it before the rally, looks like we'll get it after, just in case there are any problems or bad weather, we don't want to get stuck.  Next up, is the new truck because we need it by the end of April!


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    1. Thank you Janet, we can't wait!

    2. Looks good guys! Great to follow along. The RV-Dreams Rally will be a great time for you. It will be very interesting to hear your experiences!

  2. Awesome looking trailer! Word of advice...... see if you can stay in it at least two days on the lot and have them fix any issues before you leave.

    Did you get your SD license yet?


    1. Jim, we will definitely stay in it a couple days there to test it all out. The dealer also advised it and said we are welcome to not only stay at their lot, we can stay in our trailer when we drive up (so we don't need a hotel) the day before our PDI. We did not get our SD DL yet as it is not needed to reg either the rig or the truck. BUT, if you are going to finance either, they will tax you on the state that your CURRENT drivers license is in. So unfortunately, the rig will be taxed at CA rates (we will pay it off after the ranch sells) It wasn't worth it for one of us to fly to SD (at $800+ airfare) to do it. We are pressed for time to get the ranch sold. We will pay cash for the truck though, so there won't be a problem with that. SD will take care of the reg for us via mail. We'll get the SD DL enroute when we drive from WA to IN, probably around August.

  3. Woot Woot!! Congratulations!

    Fun times are ahead.

  4. Really like the floor plan in this rig. Assume you ended up traveling in it, I'll have to keep reading the blog. I had a 30 foot travel trailer with the walk-through bath. It worked great with the extra space stepping out of the shower. I like the idea of having the toilet off to the side so whoever is in the bedroom can still walk through.

  5. Thanks Mark. Yes, we are still FTing. 8 months so far and we love every minute of it! While the split bath wasn't something I originally wanted, it has worked out very well and I am very happy with it now. The floorplan we just love. The kitchen is very large, lots of counter space and the cabinets are just perfect. Our "family room" even seems a little larger than others.

  6. Forgot to ask you for an opinion on residential fridge vs not?

    I've not read much on the necessary electrical setup for boondocking with a residential fridge - have you?

  7. We have the 12cf fridge, fairly standard. For the two of us, it has more than enough room. We eat simply. Prefer fresh fruits & veggies, try to stay away from pre-packaged things. We can easily fit 1 weeks worth of stuff in the fridge and 2 weeks in the freezer. The freezer is deceptively large. There's even enough room in the freezer for a bottle of booze and some ice. I like to get veggies fresh more often. I really can't imagine what the heck people put in a residential fridge? It's not like you can't go to the store or farmers market for more. If we had one hubby would just fill it up with more hot sauce! You'll find that with any type of storage, if you have more, you'll fill it up with SOMETHING. Residential requires LOTS of solar. Check out Gone with the Wynns and Technomadia for good solar set up info.


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